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A Genealogical History of our Family


"I can trace my ancestry back to a protoplasmal primordial atomic globule. Consequently, my family pride is something inconceivable. I can't help it. II was born sneering."
(W. S. Gilbert, The Mikado)

The purpose of this document is to record our family history, genealogy and heraldry, and at the same time to provide some historical context for the lives of our ancestors.We are greatly indebted to many others living and dead for their contributions to this effort. To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton, we see far because we stand on the shoulders of others who have worked before us preparing our family history, genealogy, and heraldry. Specifically, our thanks go out to Hardress Dewarrenne Waller (1a2d4 f2d1) of Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland, who is far and away the quintessential family historian and patriarch. A major source of information has been and continues to be Jocelyn Sanders (Joc) (1a2d4 f1g2a), the primary documentarian of the family history other than Hardress Dewarrenne. It is important to note that errors in this genealogy are due to the authors and not to Joc, who is a meticulous historian. Cris Waller made us aware of his late mother Antonia Waller's work,The Chequered Wallers: A History of the Warren als Waller Family. Dr. Sharon Waller and her late mother Mildred, wife of our late uncle Richard Waller did the preliminary work that inspired us to proceed this far. Dr. Neil Thompson generously gave advice and information on the Poynton Warrens, as did Douglas Richardson. Many others have contributed by compiling records over the years. Internet contacts too numerous to remember and often anonymous provided valuable feedback; some are referenced, others may, with apologies, have been overlooked.

This is a work in progress, and all suggestions, additions, or corrections will be welcome. As amateurs, the authors might not meet the standards of professional genealogists and historians, but we have striven to use multiple, generally accepted sources and to cite them. There may be errors because some of the information is from unverified or unverifiable sources; however, we will endeavor to identify and correct them whenever possible.

We are descendents of the "landed gentry" of Ireland and England, many of whom were well known during their lives, and some of whom achieved historical prominence. This is fortunate in that there are many published sources for genealogic information. Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage, Burke's Landed Gentry, and Cokayne's Complete Peerage provided much useful material. Information, records, and pictures have been generously contributed by 1a2d4 - f1g2a Jocelyn Sanders (Joc). The Latter Day Saints' family history archives also somethimes have been helpful, especially for dates. Those family historians who must systematically document all births, deaths, and marriages from original sources have a more difficult task, especially where the sources are few in number and difficult to locate.

Coding system:

As knowledge of the family tree has grown in complexity, it has become evident that some simple coding system is necessary to help identify the position of each member in the tree. The purpose of a coding system is to provide a unique identifier for each despite the frequent recurrence of such names as Richard and William. Also, the code is intended to show the structure of the family tree and the relationships of each known descendent of Richard Warren alias Waller.

We have identified each entry in the pedigrees that follow with a unique number/letter code, beginning with: 1. *Richard Warren Waller [12], the founder of the Wallers of Ireland. The childrem of Richard Warren Waller are labeled as 1a (Richard Waller) and 1b (William Waller) , etc.and the grandchildren of Richard labeled as 1a1, 1a2, 1a3 etc. The grandchildren of William (actually unknown) would be labeled 1b1, 1b2, 1b3, etc. The successive generations are coded by adding alternately numbers and letters (an "alphanumeric" code). This is similar to the coding of a pedigree provided by Jocelyn Sanders. The descendent code begins with 1. Richard Waller because the his descendents are well documented and less like to be identified incorrectly, whereas those coming before Richard Warren Waller are poorly documented and information is more likely to include errors.

The total number of alphanumeric characters in the code for each member of the family tree corresponds to the number of generations descended from and including Richard Warren alias Waller. Thus, *Samuel Waller [9] (1705 - 1762) is assigned the code 1a1d. With the code of any individual, it is easy to trace the descent of that person. Also, by comparing the codes of any two individuals, their common ancester can be easily identified and the number of generations separating them is immediately apparent by noting the difference in lengths of their codes (noting that some families have had more than 9 children).

The initial characters of the code have been useful for labeling major branches of the tree that appear in different pages of our web site. All descendents of Richard Waller and Anne Brazier have the prefix 1a1a2; descendents of Sir Robert Waller and Catherine Moore have the prefix 1a1d1; descendents of George Waller and Elizabeth Studdert have the prefix 1a2d4.

All names in boldface are direct descendents of [1] Richard Warren Waller. For convenience in describing our own Waller line, we have numbered successive generations of our ancestral line beginning with the most recent (the authors are numbered [1] and [2]) and we have marked our direct antecedents with "*". The complete list of the descendents of Richard Waller provides the index codes and links to the appropriate page of the genealogy.

In addition, and mainly for our own interest, we have numbered an acending list beginning with the younger co-author of this genealogy. Those so numbered, so far as we can determine, are our dirct ancestors and comprise only a small fraction of the total of entries because of the large number of parallel branches of the family tree.

Dates that are uncertain are indicated by "~" and the true date may be either earlier or later than the one given. Dates are important as aids in identification, but for brevity only the year is given.

A complete pedigree of all existing lines of descent from Sir Robert Waller, Baronet of Ireland, is given in Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage.

One primary interest is to link as many members of our family tree as possible, so if you are a relative and wish to contribute information, we would like very much for you to do so. Let us know of possible errors, omissions, inaccuracies, and alternative interpretations.

Material appearing on this web site is available for fair use, provided that it is used in its original form and that the authors and sources are attributed.

Hardress Jocelyn Waller Ph.D. [2]


 Andrew Jocelyn Waller M.D. [1]

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