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Wallers in Ireland

Richard Warren Waller [12]

Richard Warren Waller [12] (pictured at right [6])moved to Ireland during or soon after the Civil War of 1642-1646. He was a puritan, probably a Quaker, and served as an officer in the army of Cromwell, probably during the conquest of Ireland in 1649. He acquired Castle Cully, originally owned by the Ryan (originally O'Mulrian) family, which was on the western slopes of Keeper Hill in the vicinity of Newport in southwestern Tipperary County, near Limerick. He also acquired a substantial amount of land near the Castle and elsewhere, totalling 1195 acres. Richard Waller was a petitioner to the Council of Agents of the Army in 1655 on behalf of the regiments regarding the conditions of the lands that they received in grant from the government in recompense for service. This was transcribed in the notes of Dr. William Petty in his notes from the Down Survey of 1655-6. These petitions clearly show that Lieutenant Richard Warren Waller was acting on behalf of the English government in Ireland, and that his land was at least in part granted for his past and present duties [5].

Cully was in ruins as a result of the war and Richard never lived in the castle; he purchased a house in South Ward near the present St. John's Square in Limerick City, using funds from his inheritance. Cully was later rebuilt, using stones from the original castle and renamed Castle Waller (see Castle Waller). According to the 1860 Ordinance Survey letters of Co. Tipperary, its original walls were 38 by 32 and a half feet, six feet four inches thick, and fifty feet in length [1].

There has been controversy surrounding the identity of Richard Warren Waller's wife Dorothy. At one time, she was asserted to be a daughter of Sir William Waller, the major general who was commander-in-chief of the forces of Parliament in the English Civil War.of 1642. According to this explanation, Richard Warren (supposedly of the family of Warrens of the Earls of Surrey), changed his name from Warren to Waller when he married the illustrious general's daugter. This appeared in a genealogy published by Burke in the 1858 edition of Landed Gentry. Hardress De Warrenne Waller [2] disputes this claim. Firstly, Sir William Waller was prominent hitorical figure whose three marriages and their offspring are well documented but there is no record of a daughter Dorothy. Also, a Warren to Waller name change would seem odd inasmuch as there was no title or inheritance to go with it, unlike the baronetcy that passed to Jonathan Wathen from Sir William Waller throuh his son Thomas (Jonathan changed his name to Jonathan Wathen-Waller, see Origins of Our Family). Furthermore, the name "Warren alias Waller" appellation dates to the first half of the sixteenth century (see Origins).

In the 1863 (4th.) edition of Burke's Landed Gentry, Dorothy was described as related to Lord Carlingford and who by her marriage passed the Tipperary property to Richard Warren Waller. and owner of Lord Carlingford's Tipperary property. According to Cokayne's Complete Peerage, Barnham Swift was created Viscount Carlingford in 1627/8 but died without a male heir, the peerage becoming extinct. His daughter Mary married Robert Feilding who then "squandered all her property" [3]. The Earldom of Carlingford was later created (in 1661) for the royalist Theobald Taaffe, Viscount Taaffe of Corren, who commanded the rebel Roman Catholic Irish army in Connaught and Munster, and would have been unlikely to marry a daughter to a Protestant Cromwellian officer. In fact, the identity of Richard Warren Waller's wife Dorothy remains a mystey and the above theories proposed for her parentage remain unfounded speculations. Similarly, Elizabeth Redmond, wife of Richard Waller (1a) is of unknown parentage even though her surname is known. This is another area for further research but so far we have found no records.

Note: Each entry in the pedigrees that follow is identified with a unique number/letter code, beginning with (1) Richard Warren Waller, the founder of the Wallers of Ireland. All names in boldface have the surname Waller except where noted. Direct antecedents of the authors are marked with * with the number of generations from the younger author shown in italics. Brown borders mark those giving rise to major branches of this genealogy.

(1).* Richard Warren Waller [12]   (1613 - 1676)
       m.  ~1646  Dorothy (?)   (1625 - ?)
*(1a).  Richard Waller [11]     (1647 - 1702)        
            m.  ~1672   Elizabeth Redmond     (1652 - ?)        

 Castlewaller, Newport, Tipperary, IR
Richard, the heir, succeeded him as esquire of Castlewaller.

 >(1a1)   Edward Waller     (? - 1711)
d. unm.
> *(1a2)  William Waller [10]        (1675 - 1731)
m. Blanche Weeks       (1679 - 1755)

 Castlewaller, Newport, Tipperary, IR; High Sheriff of Tipperary Co. in 1725.
dau. of Mark Weeks, Kilbolane, Cork. After 1731, she lived in Curry's Lane, near St. John's Square, Limerick
>>(1a2a) . Richard Waller    (~1701 - 1757)
                   m. Elizabeth Holland
[Rockvale]  Renamed Cully as Castle Waller, Newport, Tipperary, Ire.
dau. of Adm Holland
>>>(1a2a1) . William Waller     (? ?) d. unm.
>>>(1a2a2)    Richard Waller       (1726 - 1804)
                         m. 1758 Anne Brazier     (1728 - 1800)
dau. of Kilner Brazier
See: Descendents of Richard Waller and Anne Brazier
>>>(1a2a3). Edward Waller(? - 1782)  
                      m. Constance Gabbett (? - 1786)
>>>>(1a2a3)  a.  John Waller        (? - 1842) d. unm.
>>>>(1a2a3)  b.  Samuel Waller      (? - ?) 
                              m. Katherine Doherty
(1a2a3) c.  Edward Waller       (? - ?)
>>>>(1a2a3)  d.  Thomas Maunsell Waller       (? - ?) lived in Finoe, near Nenagh
>>>>>(1a2a3)  d1.  John Francis Waller     (? - ?) poet and author of the "Spinning Wheel"
>>>>>>(1a2a3)  d1a.  John Edward Hopkins Waller  
>>>>>(1a2a3) d2.  Constance Anne Waller      (? - ?)
                                 m. Capt. Braddell

>>>>>(1a2a3) d3.  Eliza Waller      (?-?)  
                                 m. Capt. Bolten
>>>(1a2a4).  Jane Waller(? - ?)
                       m. 1752 Robert Cappinger

>>>(1a2a5).  Mark Waller    (? - ?)
d. unm
>>>(1a2a6).  Elizabeth Waller       (? - ?)
                       m. Georgr Gough
Woodstown, Co. Lisnagry, Limerick
>>(1a2b).  Mark Waller     (~1703 - ?) Castle Waller, Newport, Tipperary, Ire.; d. young)
>>(1a2c).  William Waller     (~1704 - ?)
Castle Waller, Newport, Tipperary, Ire.; became Rev. William of Shower, Tipperary

>>*(1a2d).  Samuel Waller [9]     (1705 - 1762)

                       m. 1730 Anne Jocelyn     (1709 - 1800)

Castle Waller, Newport, Tipperary, Ire.
Samuel, Barrister-at-Law, (pictured below) [4]) left Newport and settled in Lisbrien in Co. Offaly. Samuel and his family owned a considerable amount of land on which the present town of Newport was built.
Westminster, London, England.

dau. of Robert Jocelyn, Baron of Newport and sister of Viscount Thomas Jocelyn, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland and progenitor of the Earls of Roden Jocelyn;  

>>>*(1a2d1).  Robert Waller [8]     (1738 - 1780)

                           m. 1766 Catherine Moore     (1746 - ?)

Castle Waller, Newport, Tipperary, Ire.
Sir Robert [8], the eldest son of Samuel and the one from whom we are descended, was Commissioner of Revenue and was M.P for Dundalk, (1761 - 1780), and in 1780 was created Baronet of Newport, co. Tipperary. The baronets are still represented today, the tenth being an American journalist, John Michael Waller. The fourth baronet married Rebecca Guinness, daughter of Arthur Guinness of the brewing company and rose to the level of vice president.

dau. of Rev. Charles Moore & Mary Rogers.

>>>>(1a2d1)  a.  Sir Robert Waller     (1768 - 1826)
                              m. 1796 Mary Bernard
                              m. 1806 Elizabeth Biddulph,
2nd. Baronet;  dsp.
dau. of Thomas Bernard (1st sp).
Borrisolegh, Tipperary, IR.(2nd sp);
>>>>(1a2d1)  b.  Samuel Hamilton Waller     (1770 - 1793) d. unm.
>>>>(1a2d1)  c.  Sir Charles Townshend Waller   (1772 -  1830) Rev.Townshend, 3rd. Baronet,. dsp.
>>>>(1a2d1)  e.  Jocelyn Macartney Waller [7]    (1774 -  1828)
                              m. ~1797 Elizabeth Willis.
See "Emigration". The authors are descendents of Jocelyn Macartney Waller.
 >>>(1a2d2).  William Waller Rev. William Waller d.unm.
>>>(1a2d3).  Jocelyn Waller d. unm.
>>>(1a2d4).  George Waller (1740 - 1833) m. 17 82 Jane, dau. of Benjamin Gault (1st sp.);
m. 1801 Elizabeth Studdert (2nd sp.), Kilkishen, co. Clare. George fathered the line that led to the current proprietors of Prior Park in Nenagh, Tipperary [4] (see "The Wallers of Prior Park").
>>>(1a2d5).  Charlotte Waller (1743 - 1828) m. 1765 John Bloomfield, Newport, Tipperary. A son became Lord Bloomfield, a friend of King George IV, governor of Jamaica and later Ambassador to the Court of Sweden.
               >>> (1a2d6).  Elizabeth Waller (1745 -  1807) m. 1766 Cooke Otway, Castle Otway, Tipperary
               >>>(1a2d7).  Blanche Waller (1750 - 1834) m.1772 James Poe, of Solsborough
>>(1a2e).  Edward Waller (~1708 - ?) Castle Waller, Newport, Tipperary, Ire.
m. dau. of Richard White, Lord Mayor of Dublin
>>>(1a2e1).  Richard Waller (? - ?) m. (?)  Latitia Nickson, Munny, Co. Wicklow
>>>>(1a2e1) a.  Richard Waller (? - ?) Solicitor of Dublin;  m. (?)  Eliza Horsfall, London, Eng.
>>>>>(1a2e1) a1.  Richard Hardress Waller (1822 - ?) Dublin;  m.(?)  Sarah Skipton
 >>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a.  Richard de Warrenne (1857 - 1926)
                                      m. 1886 Elizabeth Watson, 1st. sp.

Londonderry, Ire.; m. 1886 Elizabeth Watson (1859 - 1911) (1st. sp), Guelph, Ont., CN., dau. of Thomas and Mary Watson.
He attended Dr. Bryce's Collegiate School, Edinburgh, Scotland; then served an apprenticeship 3 yrs. in the tea trade in London, then with two others as partners purchased a granite quarry in North Wales, until relocating to Manitoba, CN in 1882. He was employed for a year by the Canadian Pacific Railway at Flat Creek, Manitoba, then moved to Elkhorn, Manitoba where he purchased 160 acres of land, became a real estate and insurance salesman, an appraiser, and conducted a loan and insurance business.
 >>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a1.  Richard de Warrenne Waller (1887 - ?); served overseas in WW I.
>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a2.  Edward George Waller (1889 - ?); served overseas in WWI.
>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a3.  Henry Charles Victor Waller (1891 - ?); died in France in WWI.
>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a4.  Dorothy B. Waller (1894 - ?); served overseas in WWI.
 >>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a5.  Annie Mona Waller (1896 - ?)
>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a6.  Archie Francis Alexander (1899 - ?)
                   m. 1916 Miriam Harland, 2nd. sp. (1883 - 1968); Winnepeg, CN. Dau. of Hany and Elsie Harland.
>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a7.  Pitt de Warrenne Waller (1917 - 2000). m. (?) Ena Catt (Calgary, Alberta, CN).
>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8.  Jack Harland Waller (1918 - 2002). m. 1943 Marjorie Lenora Southworth (1921 - 2008).
>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8a.  Judith Dianne Waller (1944 - ). m. (?) Gary Collins (1st. sp);   m. Larry Cooper (2nd. sp)
>>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8a1.  Elizabeth Jane Collins
(1964 - )
>>>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8a1a.  Emaline Grace Collins (1988 - )
>>>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8a1b.  Wynne Anne Powell (1998 - )
>>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8a2.  Melinda Lee Collins (1968 - )
>>>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8a2a. Jessie Johnson (?)
>>>>>>>>!1a2e1) a1a8b.  Jacqueline Anne Waller (1952 - 2003) m. (?) Ken Hardy
>>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8b1.  Scott Kenneth Hardy (1976 - )
>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8c.  Wendy Elizabeth Waller (1953 - )  m. (?) Keith Dickie
>>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8c1.  Trevor Aaron Dickie (1983 - )
>>>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a8c2.  Michael Ian Dickie (1988 - )
>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1a9.  Patricia Elspeth Waller (1920 - 1962).
>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1b.  Pitt Waller (1862 - 1915)
>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1c.  Hardress Edward Waller (? - 1931) Troy, Londonderry; m. (?) Elise Geraldine Tynte, Tynte Park, Co. Wicklow
>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1c1.  Richard Mervyn Waller (? - ?)
>>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1c2.  Hardress Waller (? - ?)
>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1d.  Horace Augustus Waller (? - ?)  m. (?) Mary Thripp
>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1e.  Archibald Waller (1870 - ?)  m. Jessie
>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1f.  Isabel Waller (? - ?)
>>>>>>(1a2e1) a1g,  Blanche Waller (? - ?)
>>>>>(1a2e1) a2.  Augusta Ann Waller (? - 1897)
>>>>(1a2e1) b.  Edward Augustus Waller (? - ?)  m. Ann Coddington, dau. of Henry Coddington, Oldbridge, Co. Meath
>>>>>(1a2e1) b1.  Edward Waller (? - ?)  lived in Belgium
>>>>>(1a2e1) b2.   Charles Waller (? - ?)
>>>>>(1a2e1) b3.  John Waller (? - ?)
>>>>>(1a2e1) b4.  Letitia Waller (? - ?)
>>>>(1a2e1) c.  Mary Waller (? - ?)
>>>>(1a2e1) d.  Letitia Waller (? - ?)  m. Major Lorenzo Nunn, 87th Regiment
>>>>>(1a2e1) e.  Jane Waller (? - ?)  m. Joshua Nunn, Solicitor, Dublin
>>(1a2f). George Waller (!1710 - 1796) (d. unm.)    High Sheriff of Limerick (1740); inherited mother's house in Limerick
>>(1a2g). Jane Waller (1712 - ?)
                  m. Richard Maunsell (2nd sp.)
Castle Waller, Newport, Tipperary, Ire.
>>(1a2h). Blanche Waller m. Arthur Vincent, Mayor of Limerick; her portrait is in Muckross House, Killarney
>>(1a2i). Elizabeth Waller m. George Green, Old Abbey, co. Limerick
>>(1a2j). Dorothy Waller m. Thomas Maunsell, L.L.D., MP for Kilmallock (cousin of Richard Maunsell)
>(1a2). Edward Waller (? - 1711)
>( 1a3). Jonathan Waller d. unm.
     >(1a4).  Dorothy Waller
                    m. ~1700 Joseph Gason

Ballycumine, Tipperary.
     > (1a5). Anne Waller
                    m. James Moody

     > (1a6). Mercy Waller
                    m. Benjamin White

Greenhall, Tipperary
  (1b). William Waller (? - ?)
  (1c). Elizabeth Eva Waller (? - ?)

Samuel Waller [9]
Signature of Anne Jocelyn, from marriage pre-agreement  (1730)


Monument in the cemetary of St. John's Church, Newport, Tipperary, to the memory of Sir Robert Waller (1d1a1 a), 2nd. Baronet of Newport and eldest son of Sir Robert Waller, 1st. Baronet  (contributed by Karin Waller)
Waller graves. (contributed by Richard & Helen Sanders)










[1] Tipperary Library.
[2] Hardress DeW. Waller, Personal Communication, 2001.
[3] G. E. Cokayne, The Complete Peerage, Vol. III, London, The St. Catherine Press, 1913, p. 28.

Burke's Irish Family Records, B. Burke, Burke's Peerage, 1976, Waller (Co. Tipperary) pp. 1177-1183.
[5] Petty, Dr. William, The History of the Survey of Ireland, Commonly called the Down Survey, edited by Thomas Aiskew Larcom, Dublin: the Irish Archaeological Society, 1851.
The pictures were contributed by Michael Waller from portraits ownd by Hardress DeWarenne Waller.
The signature of Anne Jocelyn is from her marriage pre-agreement dated 1730 and part of a collection of family documents owned by Michael Waller.We are grateful to Sir Michael for permission to display these items on our web site.

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