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This ascending portion of the genealogy begins with the authors ([1] and [2]) and extends back to its early known origins in England and Europe.

The Wallers in our ancestry are known to the beginning of the 1500s but are unclear before that. This is an unfortunate but common occurrance in English genealogical research. There is a theory that the Wallers of Bassingbourne and Ashwell were originally part of the Warren family with a royal descent from the Earls of Warenne and Surrey. This idea originated in the 16th Century, but unfortunately no proof has survived to the present day of a descent of the Wallers of Bassingbourne. Indeed, we believe that alleged descent to be in error. For further information see the section "Origins of Our Family". However, there is sound evidence of a descent from William de Warenne I, the first Earl of Warenne and Surrey, through ancestors of Anne Jocelyn (see "Noble Ancestry"). There are known royal descents through the Jocelyn family.

Anne Jocelyn (pictured on the right, with her signature below [1]) married Samuel Waller in the 18th Century, introducing several lines of descent from Henry III and the Plantagenet dynasty. That is our main line to the medieval kings of England and beyond, including Continental royalty and Charlemagne, the ancestor of many European kings and nobles. Jane Zouche, spouse of Sir Edward Hungerford [16], is the source of a line to Henry II through William Longspée, Earl of Salisbury (also known as William Longsword), one of his illegitamate sons. Margaret Botreux, spouse of Sir Robert Hungerford [19], descended from the important Beaumont family, which was related to many other prominent medieval families and also the source of a second line to Henry II through William Longspée. Thus, our antecedents include many important noble families, mostly Norman or of Norman descent, for which the reader may consult the section "Noble Ancestry". Some ancestral lines from Edmund Crouchback, first Earl of Lancaster and son of King Henry III from whom we descend, are shown in the section "Royal Ancestry".

The principal surnames included in these pages and their lines of descent to our family are summarized in the diagram below:





Anne Jocelyn [9]



One main line to Henry III is shown below. Each generation is numbered in an ascending sequence from the authors of this genealogy to the most ancient. The spouse significant for the main line of descent is listed first in each marital pair.


Henry III [26] King of England   m.  Eleanor de Provence Royal Ancestry
Edmund Plantagenet (Crouchback) [25] m. Blanche D'Artois   
Henry Plantagenet (Earl of Lancaster) [24] m.  Maude de Chaworth Noble Ancestry
Eleanor Plantagenet  m.  John Beaumont (2nd. Lord Beaumont) [23]   
Henry Beaumont (3rd Lord Beaumont)  [22]  m.  Margaret de Vere   
John Beaumont (4th Lord Beaumont) [21]  m.  Catherine Everingham   
Elizabeth Beaumont [20]  m.  William de Botreaux   
Margaret Botreux  [19]  m.  Robert Hungerford (2nd Lord Hungerford)   
Robert Hungerford (3rd Lord Hungerford)  [18]  m.  Eleanor DeMolyns   
Walter Hungerford  [17]  m.  Jane Bulstrode   
Edward Hungerford  [16]  m.  Jane Zouche   
Walter Hungerford (Baron Hungerford)  [15]  m.  Susan Danvers   
Walter Hungerford  [14]  m.  Ann Dormer   
Lucy Hungerford  [13]  m.  Anthony Hungerford   
Jane Hungerford  [12]  m.  Robert Strange   
Jane Strange  [11]  m.  Robert Jocelyn Jocelyn Ancestry
Thomas Jocelyn   [10]  m.  Anne Braye  
Anne Jocelyn [9]  m.  Samuel Waller Wallers in Ireland
Sir Robert Waller [8]  m.  Catherine Moore  
Jocelyn Macartney Waller [7]   m.  Elizabeth Willis Emigration
Robert Waller  [6]  m. Mary Ann Blowers  
Jocelyn Waller [5]  m.  Elizabeth Power  
Rev. Dr. Alfred Jocelyn Waller [4]   m. Katherine Tarrence  
Hardress Jocelyn Waller I  [3]  
Hardress Jocelyn Waller II  [2]  
Andrew Jocelyn Waller [1]  



[1] The photograph of Anne Jocelyn was provided by Michael Waller from a portrait owned by Hardress DeWarenne Waller.
Hardress Jocelyn Waller (
Andrew Jocelyn Waller (

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